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Updated November 2015

Don't faint - I'm still here and still alive. And I have good news - I have novel shortly to be released! 'A Year Less Three Days' was co-written with my friend Mychael Black. It's to be published by the lovely folks over at Samhain Publishing in May 2016.

Still available from Torquere Press - "The Kelpie", in the anthology "Mythologically Torqued.

In the "Currently Under Inspection" box - GRYPHONS. Sex, drugs, rock stars, aliens, and faelins! Draephus CZimcocious is a drummer in the most popular band on the planet Sferkkaa. But his wealth and fame hide a life in decline. With his health failing, haunted by the impending death of his lover, and dealing with the aftermath of surviving a war, Draephus is almost ready to give up. Then he falls in love with his best friend, a teenaged fan beats him up, his vehicle gets stolen, and... what's that buried in the yard? It's almost more than a retired partisan can take.


For those of you who loved the Strange Place in Time trilogy - never fear, the first three books are looking for a new home, and will be accompanied by a fourth book. The Court of Hercandoloff are a little older and grouchier, and their marbles may not be where they left them, but when Arrowsmith sickens from an old bite delivered to him by the God of Madness, SkullDigger, they do not hesitate to look for a cure.

Also looking for a new home - The Shroud Eaters. After all, a vampire and her loyal guinea pig can't stay homeless for long.


About the Author:

Alyx J Shaw is an irritable rantaholic who enjoys writing, making medieval honey wine, smoking, tarantulas, and raising strange and toxic plants. She has a vast interest in cryptids and the paranormal, and shares her seedy apartment with a dog, a cat, a tarantula, two chickens, a pigeon and a dove. She lives in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and has called the city of Vancouver home since 1986.

Alyx has worked for CKO Radio, CBC Radio,
Angles Magazine, and worked briefly as an
administrator and proofer at Torquere Press.



In May 2009, Alyx visted the UK.
Several friends and fans visited with
her in what became unofficially
known as 'RatCon', and read from
A Strange Place In Time:
Book 2

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