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Updated January 2013

Don't faint - I'm still here and still alive. And I have good news - I have both a short story coming out soon, as well as a - wait for it - PAPERBACK NOVEL. Yes ladies and germs, my novel

'The Shroud-Eaters' will be coming out in February in both e-form as well as paperback. It's all about vampires invading my home town of Cumberland.

The short story is called Fox Spirit, and is a touching love story about a man, another man, and a house full of foxes, some of which are not foxes at all, and of course - zombies. Interested? I hope so! It will be coming out in an anthology touchingly called
'He Loves me for my Braiiinnnsss...'


There will be a picture book coming out - the Dargothian Beastiary.

This will contain drawings and write-ups about all the creatures that haunt the Dargothian landscape - everything from the dragons to those damned lizards. There will also be maps of Dargoth, the cities, and possibly one of the Palace itself.
This will be published in a limited edition, each copy numbered and signed by yours truly.


About the Author:

Alyx J Shaw is an irritable rantaholic who enjoys writing, making medieval honey wine, smoking, tarantulas, and raising strange and toxic plants. She shares her seedy apartment with a cat, two tarantulas, three guinea pigs, and pet duck named Master Erestor. She’s pretty sure there is a husband in there somewhere as well, and expects she will find him buried under the laundry the
next time she feels like
doing a washing.

Alyx has worked for newspapers and news radio stations,
and her trilogy ‘A Strange Place in Time’ is available from
Torquere Press now (click here for more info on that).
Alyx has been a practicing Wiccan for ten years, and
is one of the few people in Vancouver,
British Columbia who actually enjoys rain.



In May 2009, Alyx visted the UK.
Several friends and fans visited with
her in what became unofficially
known as 'RatCon', and read from
A Strange Place In Time:
Book 2

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A Strange Place In Time has its own fan site on
Live Journal. Check it out here.

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