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Short Stories

While I have decided to remove my novel-length stories from this site until further notice
due to probems with thepirates, I will still occasionally be adding short stories here.


Ratings: PG
Warnings: None
Summary:You know there's so many people living in this house, I don't even know their names...
Notes: The first of the donation fics for Pyro. This one is for panthers_anoush who said she didn’t care what I wrote. So I’m hauling out some of my faves from way back.

"October Rain"
Ratings: PG
It's October the 31st, and Anaslis has come the the graveyard to read a letter from a lover.
This story has two illustrations - one by Eve le Dez and one by Animama.

"Strange Fish"
Ratings: n/a
Warnings: none
Summary: n/a



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The characters, places and situations described in these stories are fictional unless otherwise stated in the story headings.

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